About Shelton Technologies

Charles R. Shelton is the president of Shelton Technologies, an information technology consulting and software firm specializing in the areas of telecommunications management, mediation, customer care, and billing systems. He has over 35 years of experience in the computing services, software, and telecommunication industries.

For 20 years, Mr. Shelton was a principle and executive at Stonehouse & Co., Inc., a leading telemanagement software vendor, where he co-designed and managed the development of their flagship software product, MONIES®, a pioneering integrated, convergant software tool that assists large companies and government agencies in managing their internal voice and data telecommunications utilities.

The full-time staff of consultants averages more than 20 years experience in computing and telecommunications. Their consulting experience ranges from micro-computers to mainframes, PBX to CO switches, LANS to WANS, and covers most operating systems, programming languages, databases, and communications protocols.

This staff is supplemented by experienced associates skilled in complementary technologies such as web site design and implementation, marketing and technical documentation, voice, data, and IP telecommunications consulting.

These proven professionals have successfully completed projects in the USA and a dozen other countries. They are ready to tackle complex client projects of any size.