What’s New in Stiletto v3.8?

Enhanced Stiletto Plugin Architecture
The Stiletto architecture has been enhanced to simplify the addition of Stiletto plugins so that changing business needs can be addressed more readily and with less cost. All of the plugins have been updated to use the new Stiletto architecture, which allows the nodes to be added to Stiletto with a minimum of downtime.

More Detailed Audit Log
The Stiletto Audit Log now provides a greater level of detail, providing users more information about their Stiletto jobs.

More Detailed Error Log
In any software, errors can occur. The Stiletto Error Log has been enhanced to provide a greater level of detail so that the level of effort and time for error detection, analysis, and correction can be minimized.

Job Monitor Enhancements
The Stiletto Job Monitor changes increase the depth and level of detail of the progress of any given Stiletto job while it is running.

Disk and Database Maintenance
Stiletto now comes installed with a table-driven program called stiCleaner that automatically deletes old files in your Stiletto work directories and deletes old Stiletto database entries that are no longer needed. This allows Stiletto to automatically manage its own disk and database size.

Increased GUI Stability
By updating our plugins to use the latest Gnome program interface, they will be unaffected by upcoming changes in Gnome.

Increased Performance
The DataParser nodes have been optimized allow for faster processing of data, thus reducing the use of server resources and increasing throughput.

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