Enhanced Query and Reporting Functionality

Two new exciting and powerful information retrieval and display functions are now available for Stiletto customers. The new Stiletto CDR Inquiry and Report are extensions of the Stiletto DataHouse data warehousing module and they simplify the generation of inquiries and reports using any of the data tables in DataHouse. A brief overview of these new features follows and the attached .pps file places them in the context of DataHouse.

Stiletto CDR Inquiry

  • A rapid inquiry development tool
  • Easy list-and-select from
    • Any tables in Datahouse
    • Any data element in a table
  • Define labels of data to be displayed
  • Save an inquiry for later use
  • Write query results as a CSV file

Stiletto® Report

  • A reporting node that:
    • Accepts CSV files as input
    • Can output xls or pdf files
    • Can be the only step in a job
    • Can be inserted into a Stiletto job
  • Simple GUI interface
  • Spreadsheet templates define reports
  • Can write a report to a file or printer
  • Reports can be saved and scheduled
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