The Quickrate® Call Rating Engine is table-driven, flexible, and handles multiple types of calls, including the North American dialing plan, international/overseas rating, information & operator assistance transaction charges, and multiple level discounting. North American rating uses the distance between the calling number and called number called in the cost computation. The use of this V and H based distance computation is up to the user. This table is large and can be loaded it programmatically at startup and then the user can use the Quickrate® Terminating Point maintenance screen to make updates. The overseas call rating table can be keyed in or programmatically loaded and then maintained on line. All other tables are small and are to be entered by the customer Quickrate® runs with the Stiletto mediation system under Red Hat Linux Enterprise 4.0. Quickrate® is table driven and as a result, rating, discounting, and unit charging is all very flexible. Call record files are sequential for efficiency.

Custom Rating Solutions
For many customers our standard Quickrate product solves only a portion of their rating needs.  In these instances, STI provides customized high speed rating solutions.  We work with oru sutomers to analyze their specific needs and integrate directly in with their exisiting software infrastructure.