Quickrate® Rating Schedules

Quickrate® Rating Schedules are a table driven and flexible method for rating traffic data. The currently available schedule types are North American, Overseas, and flat rate. Custom schedule types can be created at the customers request. The combination of rating schedules, transaction charges, and discount schedules can handle almost any rating requirement.

Quickrate® North American Rating
North American rating is performed by computing the distance from origination and termination points. These values are stored in the Quickrate® Terminating Points table. Distance ranges are coupled with a floating point value unit rate that is to be charged per minute. These values are maintained in the North American Rating table.

Quickrate® Terminating Points Table
The Quickrate® Terminating Points table maintains the vertical and horizontal coordinates for every NPA and NXX in the North American country code. This table is loaded from industry data and can be maintained by using the graphical interface. Additional location information can be associated with a NPA and NXX combination.

Quickrate® Overseas Rating
Quickrate® Overseas rating is based on country codes. A country code is assigned a beginning unit rate. Additionally, a discount schedule can be referenced to create a tiered rating schedule.