Stiletto® Mediation System

Stiletto® is a full function mediation system based upon Open Source software and PC hardware. This low cost hardware and software platform provide extraordinary flexibility and cost performance, making it suitable for both small and large operators.  A Stiletto® “job” is defined as the process that collects from a network element, archives the records, performs processing, and distributes the data to downstream systems. This job definition is flexible and can vary from all the steps listed above to just the collection and distribution steps.   A job can be created in minutes by using the mouse to drag and drop objects from a palette to the job assembly canvas where the object icons are connected in the desired processing sequence. The job can then be run manually or saved for later execution by the Scheduler.   Theoretically, an unlimited number of jobs can be scheduled to run simultaneously.  The Stiletto® manual offers detailed, user level documentation with screen shots and can be viewed online.

System Response Time and Scaling
Using a service bureau benchmark test running on a 2 gigahertz Intel processor, batch processing and translation of binary call data record files runs at over 5 million records per hour.  At this processing rate, Stiletto® could easily handle most collection and processing loads.  The software architecture scales up to eight processors under Red Hat Advanced Server and further using multiprocessor Sun or HP servers. This broad hardware range means that Stiletto® can be configured to meet the needs of the small CLEC or the carrier with hundreds of switches.

Stiletto® includes a basic set of nodes to collect, process and distribute data.


Additional collectors are available to support several protocols

Custom Collectors

Advanced Nodes