Aggressive Pricing

In addition to the well established cost performance of the modern personal computer running Open Source operating system software, there are four primary factors that make the Stiletto® Mediation System equally cost effective.

  1. There is a single Stiletto® license fee and no additional fee for the amount of records processed. This second volume processing fee, charged by many mediation software vendors, can easily double the effective price of a mediation software license.
  2. The Stiletto® license pricing is very aggressive. For example, the license for Stiletto® for a single network element is $10,000, a fraction of most vendors.
  3. Implementation Engineering costs are low. Much, and often all, of the implementation work is done in the Shelton Technologies lab without travel to the customer site. This includes the remote configuration and installation of Stiletto® and the jobs specific to the customer requirement. Also, the Stiletto® XML based data parser and switch record formats translation library can save considerable calendar time and costs.
  4. Last but not least is the Stiletto® Money Back Guarantee. If the product does not perform as documented and contracted, your license fees will be refunded.

How to buy the Stiletto® Mediation System
If getting the most mediation for the money is important to you, contact Shelton Technologies at 972-418-7885 or email for more information and to order the Stiletto® Mediation System.

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