Stiletto® Application Architecture

The Stiletto® application architecture is flexible and can function in a dedicated, centralized, or custom mode, depending on the mediation needs of the customer.

A minimal Stiletto® system (job scheduler, collector, audit log, error log, help, and FTP distributor) on a small PC can be placed at the switch site and cabled directly to the switch. The collected and translated Call Detail Records would then be transmitted over a private or public (Internet) IP network with FTP to the billing computer. This is an economical and practical approach for the customer with only a few switches or that wishes to assure a CDR file is collected and buffered at the switch premises.

A more robust hardware and software system with all of the above software features plus multiple collector types and custom processing such as duplicate CDR file detection or CDR file content manipulation can be operated in a central site and collect Call Detail Records over networks (e.g. TCP/IP or X.25 protocol) directly from many switches of different types and even feed multiple downstream systems (rating, billing, traffic, data warehouse, etc.).

A combination of the centralized and dedicated (where desired or required) systems can be deployed to meet specific customer needs. The dedicated Stiletto© mediation system would FTP the CDR to the centralized system for further processing and distribution. There could also be regional systems at other geographical locations that forward information to the central site. If the data volume dictates, the central server can be configured with multiple processors and a back up server. This approach can meet the most demanding technical and geographic requirements of large and complex customer networks.