Stiletto® Hardware and Software Configuration

The standard hardware platform is the Intel compatible server running Stiletto®, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and other related open source software. The complete software suite will also run under Solaris on the Sun computer and HP UX on the HP 9000 computer.

Typical PC Server hardware configuration

  • 2-gigahertz processor
  • 1 gigabyte of RAM
  • Diskette drive
  • 120-gigabyte hard disk capacity in mirrored disk configuration
  • CD reader / writer
  • Ethernet Adapter (NIC)
  • BX.25/X.25 SyncServer (optional)

Where appropriate Stiletto® can be run on a laptop PC. Hardware configurations must be tailored to meet the customer requirements.

System availability and reliability
Linux and Unix stability is unparalleled making them ideally suited for critical applications. Very high volume requirements can be met with multiple processor servers and backup redundancy can be provided with backup servers.